Brand content & design

Today in an instant world, where customers are mostly online, brand content connects the company to its audience. As a marketing agency, we are focused on helping companies bring out who they are and what they do to create a strong digital presence.

We create clear, authentic and outstanding content to capture brand goals. Our brand strategy includes market research and analysis, content planning, brand innovation. After understanding the audience, our team develops a content plan to transform a unique marketing campaign. And this is our competitive advantage.

Digibird’s brand content and design in-house services completes all content development. This includes —— We think about the brand as a whole that needs to engage its audience with relevant content.

Social media & influence

Social media is fast growing. And the target audience is attracting their interest and education from these platforms. The influences are the ones promoting trends for people to follow. Word-to-mouth is the most valuable form of markets and influences do it best.

Digibird helps companies connect to the right media platforms and influences to increase audience reach. We grow our network of influences

Creative campaigns

Digibird’s innovative, creative and production team helps to develop a marketing campaign plan from A to Z. We have a created campaigns that increase engagement in mobile, search, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube and Linkedin. Our team is devoted to translate business goals while providing the audience with relevant and current solutions.

We see campaigns as a direct connection between the company to its audience. The focus is on the audience’s wants and needs. In order to capture the audience, we first research and define the main problems they need to solve. We call this the audience journey.  By understanding the true need, we can create an experience that tackles challenges and problems to reach the audience when needed most.

The finished product is a campaign that clarifies a simple yet unique solution to the need, while enhancing the brand’s advantage.

Digital strategy & performance

Each brand has it’s own story, each company has it’s own target audience. Understanding what would be the best marketing strategy for each brand starts with looking into all that has been done so far and understanding what worked and what didn’t.

You’d be surprised how many companies place equal funds into 3 different media streams and never analyse which stream has brought them their leads/clients. When

going over past marketing efforts DigiBird has found that there are a lot of actions that were done right but didn’t receive the proper funding, as opposed to a lot of marketing funds that were thrown in the wrong direction.

In other words- have you had an expert on your side long ago- you would have invested the same funds and gotten a much better result.