Digibird is a digital marketing agency founded in 2010.

We help our clients build their brand, sell more products and grow their business.  

It’s like shooting for the stars and actually hitting.

Our specialty is in online advertising strategy which includes creation and implementation of marketing solutions.

We combine creative minds with outstanding marketing techniques to deliver an over the top success.

This helps our clients grow a power brand. This is Digibird.

So, how do we do what we do?

Our diverse and creative team members work closely with the client.

It is as simple as that.

We see the client as part of our team.

Together, we build a custom advertising plan that promotes the brand’s goals.

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Shuki Stauber
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Perfect combination of two characteristic of any one provide service: on One hand high level of professionalism, and on the other hand a high level of customer service.
Orli hillel
Orli hillelAtidim center, Rehovot City hall
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For over two years you have guided us and and lead us to crack are companies code in DNA. But none of this was as important as the person you are, always caring and providing fresh and new ideas. There's not doubt in our minds that whomever works with you will be lucky.
DR. Efraim Sigler
DR. Efraim Sigler@username
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Our project was managed with unprecedented initiative, brilliant ideas and the operational skills that could make it all come to life. In addition to the high exposure rates and the enthusiastic responses in Israel, our campaign received lots of praise around the world.
Zvi Meir
Zvi MeirCEO of Simchat Halev
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We've been a long time clients of Digibird and a specially with Shirly. From the smallest details to the biggest ones all was handled with the perfect quality with their personal touch and a warm attitude.