AKA- What We Can Do For You

Marketing Assessment

Each brand has it's own story, each company has it's own target audience. Understanding what would be the best marketing strategy for each brand starts with looking into all that has been done so far and understanding what worked and what didn't.
You'd be surprised how many companies place equal funds into 3 different media streams and never analyse which stream has brought them their leads/clients. When going over past marketing efforts DigiBird has found that there are a lot of actions that were done right but didn't receive the proper funding, as opposed to a lot of marketing funds that were thrown in the wrong direction.
In other words- have you had an expert on your side long ago- you would have invested the same funds and gotten a much better result.


Advertising Plan & Strategy

Once all factor are taken into account it's time for action!
DigiBird will work, within the budget at hand, to create the attention your brand needs within the native environment of your target audience. If your future clients are "hiding" around Linkedin- we can find them, provide them with interesting and well researched data that will make you KING.
If you target audience is spending hours on Facebook- DigiBird's experts will create the most engaging content for them, using both sponsored and organic Facebook advertising techniques.
A good marketing plan will include the following:
- Social networks action plan
- PR & Influencers activity
- Buzz-creation around your brand.

Creating A Social Spotlight

Our social strategies are meant to hit 2 targets:
Reaching your target audience and making them CHOOSE to become your clients, as well as increasing brand awareness which will lead to more organic conversions as time pass by.

DigiBird can give you the best solutions for Facebook advertising, Linkedin page and profile management, Blog content and monetization management, Instagram activity, and more.
Most of our clients believe that there are only 3-4 social networks relevant for them, but diving into the brand will allow us to spot new social networks we could use to advertise your company such as: Pinterest, Reddit, Xing, We-Heart-It, Tumblr, Google+ and more.