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Facebook Messenger Changes For Businesses

(Featured image credit: AFP/Getty Images used by Forbes) The last Facebook conference (The F8) displayed some interesting changes in the overall Facebook platform, for both regular users and business owners, one of which was the launching of the new messenger platform (Beta version). The messenger app is the 2nd most popular app on the IOS […] Read more

3 Key Tips For Your Next Video Marketing SnapChat Campaign

Some people might look at SnapChat as just another DUMB app for flirting around and sharing funny faces. However, it’s those apps that can hold the greatest value for advertisers. These apps, normally filled with happy moments and funny images usually create a nice carnival atmosphere, that could well encourage people to view your ads […] Read more

How To Spot A Trend – Marketer’s Guide

One of the most important thing a marketer can do is to spot a high-running trend and use it to their advantage. When a trend pops in the web and goes viral people tend to pay more attention to other publications resembling that trend. A trend could be anything… From the running gag about John […] Read more

The Importance Of A Newsletter

A lot of people believe that having a Facebook page that works well means that they shouldn’t have a newsletter, but that is not true at all. Facebook is one of the many ways to reach your audience, as your audience can find you by so many methods: Direct entry from people who know your […] Read more

6 Things You Must Have In A Smart eCommerce Website

If you are selling any sort of goods online there are 6 main features your site must posses in order for it to attract new and returning clients: 1 – A visible shopping cart Not only will your shopping cart need to be in every single page header, but your shopping cart itself should be […] Read more

Apr, 18, 2016


The Importance Of Uploading Content To Linkedin

If you have a Linkedin profile and you are a part of the online industry- you should be uploading content/posts to your profile on a weekly basis (at least). Marketing specialists claim that any website needs to have a blog, and the same thing applies for your Linkedin. If a website offering services (B2B or commerce) maintains […] Read more