We Start With Strategy. When trying to separate you from other brands like you, our strategy will make sure your brand has an advantage over your competition. Our offered strategy will cross platforms, making sure all bases are covered... Social, Content, PR and more!


Unique Is Key. Diving in to your brand and audience will give us deep understanding on what it is your target audience is looking for. Once that is achieved, we can move forward with making sure they will find your new brand- unique and on the spot.

Responsive Website Design

Design Is EVERYTHING. But not just any design. The design that will shed the best possible light on your company and brand- both in desktop and mobile fronts. Though some companies don't believe mobile is important, Digibird sees mobile for what it really is- our future.

Social Marketing

Social Is Everything. While most agencies focus on 1 or 2 social channels, Digibird holds the knowledge on how to market with over 15 leading social networks. Our main objective is to operate within the key social networks your target audience is using.

Mobile marketing

Reach Everyone! Use of mobile phones has become so big that it holds 70% of most company's audiences. If you target audience is using their smartphone- we will locate them, advertise in a way that they will find appealing- and turn impressions into clients.


Let Us Advise You. It doesn't matter if you have an eCommerce website or if you're a B2B service provider- Digibird's staff holds minds from all industries, making sure we will always be able to tell you how to improve your acquisition and retention efforts.


  • We've been clients of Digibird for a long time, working side by side with Shirly. The smallest detail, as well as the biggest one, were all handled with care, speed and perfect quality, all wrapped up with her personal touch and warm attitude. ­

  • Our project was managed with unprecedented initiative, brilliant ideas and the operational skills that made everything come to life. Though our main goal was to get known within Israeli borders, the high exposure rates and overall enthusiastic responses of Israelis, our campaign managed to get much welcomed world-wide exposure.

  • So, Shirly, for the past two years (and counting) you have guided us and led us to revile our company's DNA. On top of the company's digital success, we have discovered a person who is ever-caring and is always equipped with fresh ideas. There is not a single doubt in mind that those who get to work alongside you are truly lucky.

  • Our success story with Digibird is probably due to the perfect combination of two characteristic that every service provider must posses: a high level of professionalism, and the patience required to give amazing customer service. ­